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What I Offer You and Your Pets

Tug of War


  • Personalized

  • Professional

  • Results that Last

If your dog needs help fixing behavioral issues from the mild to the extreme, then an ALL-INCLUSIVE IN-YOUR-HOME LESSON with We "Treat" Your Dog Right may be a great option for you. Sessions are in-your-home with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. Lessons are all-inclusive to cover all the fundamentals for a dog's life  so that no behavioral problems persist or occur later. These include crate training (if needed), potty training (if needed), general manners, confidence building, impulse control, structure, boundaries, leadership and more. 


Get the most from your dog walks

What is a structured walk? A structured walk is the best way to give your dog proper mental stimulation - teach them to walk on a leash without pulling, and properly tire them so they get the most out of their walks. A 20 minute structured walk is mentally tiring enough that it equates to having your dog run/play at the dog park for hours. Except no more overstimulation because this doesn't just physically tire the dog, it exhausts their mind. A tired dog is a good dog. Spots are limited and depend on location. Reach out for more information.

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