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Meet Tracy - owner of We "Treat" Your Dog Right

A passion turned into a mission...

I founded We "Treat" Your Dog Right in 2005 but had been training animals since I was 10 years old. I found my passion early on when I started reading books about animal psychology and started applying what I read to my pets. I started out working with my pet rat "Benjamina" and training her to ride in my barbie car at the mere age of 10. After that I worked with wildlife rehabilitation and all different species of animals. During this phase in my life I used Clicker training as my main method of training. 


As time progressed I started to focus on dogs more and eventually became very interested in dog behavioral problems. I first started out by doing clicker training but then adapted my methods to be that of communication only.  I am 100% self taught - the animals are my greatest teachers. My style and methods have adapted over many years from what I learned through observing animals and of course applying what I learned from them.


As a child I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I felt that I had a special gift with animals and wanted to make a difference. I decided to go to school and get a veterinary degree but decided after graduating that the veterinary field was not what I was passionate about - Animal behavior was. 

I started We "Treat" Your Dog Right after seeing so many dogs being rehomed, reliniquished or even euthanized due to behaviorial issues. I didn't like the idea that dogs were getting the short end of the stick because of humans inadvertently causing these behavioral issues that dogs are met with. So, I'm here to be the dog's voice and to restablish a proper dog/owner dynamic. My mission is for no dog to ever end up in the shelter, rehomed or euthanized due to behavioral problems that we as humans have created. Please help me make this a reality! 

I look forward to working with you and your dog(s)!

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